Interview with Pastor Pann

Check out this interview with our very own Dr. Daniel Pann:

"Community Evangelism in the County Seat" w/ Pastor Dan Pann now @ Audio Conference for Pastors ~

Happy 4th of July!

I pass this sculpture every day on my way to church.  Finally I stopped to inquire.  The Drapers lost their son to an auto accident some time ago.  Their daughter and husband commissioned this eagle to be produced in honor of him.  I drove around to get a closer look.  Having knocked on the door, I expressed my appreciation for what they had done.  Did I notice what was on the other side of the eagle?  "No," but on the way out, I would make a closer inspection.  It was an angel in honor of Mrs. Draper.  Two scriptures came to mind.  Isaiah 40:31 and Psalm 91:11.  Then a third verse seemed appropriate.  As the eagle symbolizes freedom, true freedom is found in Jesus Christ, John 8:32.  Happy Fourth and rejoice in freedom.  ( I secured their permission to take pictures and post this.)  Thank you to the Draper family.
Pastor Pann

Welcome to Hillsdale Baptist Church!

Welcome and Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. These are exciting times at Hillsdale Baptist Church. We are enjoying the wonderful facility God has provided for us. Because of it, we are able to reach out into the community in a variety of ways.

If you are looking for a church home we invite you and your family to visit us at Hillsdale Baptist Church. 

Here at Hillsdale Baptist we have a summer camp-out program which enables families to gather at the church site and utilize utility hookups, providing an opportunity for friendship and fun. Speaking of fun, the abundance of space we have been blessed with will allow us to install a ball field and a practice field for youth soccer. We provide a vital service to the community in inviting the Red Cross to conduct a monthly blood drive at the church. Later, we intend to offer a free clothing ministry to assist any who might be on a tight budget.

On the spiritual side, we have Sunday morning Bible Study for all ages at 9:45, with adult and children's worship services at 11:00. The 5:00 Sunday evening service, offers something for everyone. During the winter months, Tuesday's are set aside for personal discipleship classes. These small group settings allow the individual to develop their faith and become the people God would have them be.

We would consider it a privilege to have you worship with us and trust your needs would be met in addition to receiving a rich blessing. We invite you to consider making Hillsdale Baptist your church home.

Dr Daniel E Pann