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  1. It is our goal to distribute TWO MILLION copies of our brand new (and really beautiful) Gospel booklet for FREE, “What Time is Purple?” This booklet is perfect for university students! 500,000 of these booklets have already been handed out on the college campuses.

    We want you to be a part of this exciting outreach. We are looking for people and ministries that are willing to go to local college campuses,
    events, parades, fairs, high schools and other ministry locations in the US and handout our evangelistic booklets called "What time is Purple?"

    We will send you as many as you are willing to handout for FREE. These booklets are geared toward college students. We have handed out thousands and the students love them. They read them and come back for more booklets for their friends.

    We will send you as many as you are able to handout for free.

    You can read “What Time is Purple? Here: https://whattimeispurple.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/What-Time-Is-Purple_DL.pdf

    If you are willing to handout these booklets we would ask you to review the link, and answer all of the questions. This will ensure that we are consistent with our messaging, mission and desired results.

    form - https://forms.gle/inmj4g7euZgXyotw7

    Once received we will the review the form and send you the books.

    We look forward to partnering with you in the Great Commission.


    Jenifer Pepling

    Campus Missions Coordinator


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