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He had just turned 77. He was as big around as a pencil. I noticed he was wearing a newer shirt. I commented on how nice it looked on him. He said he got it at the mission store for .25 cents. There are five or six of us regulars at this particular cafe' and he was one of them, sitting at the usual table seemingly silently reserved for him whenever he showed up. The order was always the same...oatmeal. "How boring," was my observation until I remembered his counterpart ordered biscuits and gravy each morning. Me, I had to begin with a cup of coffee and go from there. Funny how we can and do become creatures of habit. What other habits to we have, routines, etc. Do those habits include daily time spent with God? Do they include being a Christ-like example to those we come in contact with each day? Because of knowing someone for any length of time, we get to observe their daily manners and personalities. I hope those are good things and like my breakfast buddies, we are known for what we do and how we do it. Have a great day in the Lord!

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