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I am drinking my coffee in the office this morning watching the sun come up. Looks like we had a tad bit of rain last night. The outdoor critters are staying busy in preparation for winter. What amazes me is how the leaves are changing even though it is still in the 80's. I am not ready to rake leaves. I never get them to the curb on time. Then the wind blows them onto the road as well as having to deal with other's leaves. I guess some of my leaves end up elsewhere so, share and share alike. I head north soon for my last "hurrah" with my brothers as we all fish for trout. What further amazes me is how much God loves us no matter what. My friend, He loves you too. Don't ever forget that. Like the critters, other circumstances will come and we need to be prepared. Are you prepared to meet God. He is ready for you. Have a great day in the Lord.

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