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By the time you read this, I will have made my decision to retire from the pastorate and made it public. My last Sunday will be December 23. I am dealing with a variety of health issues and feel it is time to address them as necessary. I will treasure my 25 1/2 years as the under Shepard of Hillsdale Baptist Church, her people and leadership. I have been blessed to make many friends in the community over the years and hope to continue that friendship . I plan on holding hands with my wife, being a dad to my three children and watching those 10 grand kids grow up. Perhaps a little travel and generally goofing off. I hope God will still use me in whatever capacity He may have. My thoughts and prayers go up to heaven on behalf of Hillsdale Baptist Church and for you, my friends with regard to His will for your life.
God Bless
Dr. Daniel E. Pann


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